Alderan’s exploration at Frisco in 2017 identified the Perseverance prospect, a large 2.5km diameter chargeability feature consistent with a large mineralised porphyry copper system.

Perseverance is between the Cactus Corridor, which hosts the Cactus mine, and the large Accrington skarn, which hosts historic mines and large outcropping copper-zinc skarns.

In a mineralised porphyry system, high chargeability zones often represent pyrite-rich zones of alteration. High chargeability and low resistivity (i.e. more conductive) features may also represent other styles of mineralisation in the distal parts of the porphyry system and can host higher grade deposits.

Alderan’s results from Perseverance indicate it may host a mineralised porphyry intrusion, similar in size to Utah’s world-class Bingham Canyon porphyry copper deposit.