Frisco lies approximately 300km south-southwest of Salt Lake City and 20km west of Milford in Utah, USA, with tenements covering 40km2.

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There are numerous historical mines throughout the Frisco project area including the Cactus copper-gold-silver deposit, the Imperial skarn copper-zinc deposit and the Horn Silver Mine, a historical high-grade lead-zinc-silver producer.  The area is prospective for porphyry, skarn and carbonate replacement copper deposits, lead, zinc and precious metal deposits plus breccia hosted copper-gold-silver deposits.


From late-2019 to mid-2023, Frisco was explored by Kennecott Exploration Company (KEX), a Rio Tinto group company, for large scale porphyry copper deposits under an option agreement with Alderan.  KEX completed a UAV (drone) magnetic survey, rock sampling and geological mapping within the licence area and drilled eleven holes into a number of interpreted porphyry related targets.

KEX hole SAWM0001, drilled into the historical Cactus copper-gold-silver mine intersected 41m @ 1.9% Cu, 0.62g/t Au within a wider mineralised interval of 74m @ 1.1% Cu, 0.35g/t Au from 252m downhole.  This result is consistent with historical post mining drill hole intersections at the Cactus mine which include:

  • 9m @ 6.72% Cu within 43.6m @ 1.69% Cu from 207.9m downhole (DDH8; no Au assays)
  • 2m @ 3.31% Cu within 22.9m @ 2.06% Cu from 1.5m downhole (R14; no Au assays)
  • 0m @ 3.11% Cu, 0.96g/t Au within 32m @ 1.24% Cu, 0.31g/t Au from 61m downhole (ALCA010)
  • 5m @ 3.11% Cu, 0.55g/t Au from 94.3m downhole (ALCA001)
  • 2m @ 2.77% Cu within 25.9m @ 1.62% Cu from 42.7m downhole (R13B; no Au assays)
  • 9m @ 1.84% Cu from 39.6m downhole (R12; no Au assays)
  • 17m @ 1.41% Cu, 0.41g/t Au within 151m @ 0.36% Cu, 0.08g/t Au from 147m downhole (ALCA002)
  • 4m @ 1.40% Cu from 218.2m downhole (DDH8B; no Au assays)

The Cactus mine mineralisation has not been fully outlined by drilling and remains open at depth and potentially along strike.  Alderan plans to carry out 3D modelling of the mineralisation using all historical drill hole data to better understand the deposit and guide future drilling.  In addition, Cactus mine sits within a distinct low zone in the KEX magnetics and Alderan has identified a number of similar magnetic lows which are yet to be tested.

Frisco simplified geology showing the location of KEX drill holes SAWM0001-0011

Reduced to pole UAV magnetics demonstrates that the Cactus Mine sits within a distinct NW-SE trending magnetic low anomaly. Additional highlighted magnetic low anomalies represent breccia pipe targets

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