White Mountain

White Mountain is an epithermal gold exploration project ~300km south-southwest of Salt Lake City and 25km southwest of Milford in Utah, USA.


The geology of the White Mountain area consists primarily of Miocene age rhyolites, tuff and basalt.  The prominent Brimstone Fault runs east-west through the area and can be seen on ground magnetics which were completed by Alderan.  A 5km argillic, phyllic and siliceous alteration zone has been mapped through the area largely centred around this fault.  Within the alteration zone, there is evidence of sinter terraces, alunite and a chalcedony blanket plus there is an historical sulphur mine – all indicators of an epithermal system.

White Mountain geology and alteration zone


Alderan completed ground magnetics over the area and reconnaissance geological check mapping and limited rock sampling.  The mapping confirmed the geology, structure and alteration zones while the rock sampling highlighted anomalous mercury, silver and barium and low gold grades typical of epithermal systems.  The magnetics defined the trace of the Brimstone Fault and several additional structures.

White Mountain ground magnetics

The reconnaissance work completed by Alderan suggests that White Mountain displays the classic characteristics of an epithermal gold deposit.

Alderan is planning to carry out a grid based soil sampling programme to advance the White Mountain property.

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