Frank (Bruno) Hegner

VP of Operations (US)

Mr Hegner has more than 25 years of experience as a corporate manager and executive. His previous roles include Rio Tinto’s Managing Director of Major Copper Projects, based in Salt Lake City, and Vice-President/General Manager of Resolution Copper Company in Phoenix, Arizona. More recently, Mr Hegner was Managing Partner of his own consultancy, which included him serving as President and Director of TSX-V-listed company Discovery Harbour Resources. He also worked as an attorney at one of Utah’s top law firms.

Mr Hegner, who is based in Utah, has significant experience in the management and development of major copper projects in the USA including land titles, permitting, acquisitions, governmental relations, cost management, project management and operations including overseeing teams of more than 300 employees. Mr Hegner will lead US operations, focusing on exploration of the Company’s Frisco Copper Project in Utah.